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Instructions to Authors for A4: 21.0x29.7 cm Proceedings Manuscripts
Author(s) Name(s)
Author Affiliation(s) with full Address(es)


The abstract is to be in fully-justified italicized text, at the top of the left-hand column as it is here, below the author information. Use the word "Abstract." in 12-point Arial, boldface type, left positioned, initially capitalized, followed by the abstract in 11-point, single-spaced type, up to 100 words long.

Keywords. Arial, 11 pt.


This is an example of DT conference submission. These guidelines include complete description of the paper style including formatting, fonts, spacing, and related information for producing your proceedings manuscripts. Please follow them and if you have any questions, send them via e-mail to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Paper organization and formatting

All papers should be written in English, six pages long, and arranged in the following order:
- Main title
- Author(s), affiliation(s), full and e-mail addresses, - Abstract
- Keywords
- Main text
- References
All printed material, including text and figures, must be kept within a print area of 16 cm wide by 24.7 high. Do not write or print anything outside the print area. Paper size is A4: 21x29.7 cm. Margins (top, bottom, left, right) are 2.5 cm. Main text and References must be in a two-column format. Text must be fully justified. Indent each paragraph by 0.5 cm.

Main title

The main title (on the first page) should begin 2,5 cm from the top edge of the page, centered, and in Arial 14-point, boldface type. Capitalize the first letter of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions, or prepositions (unless the title begins with such a word). Leave a blank line after the title.

Author name(s) and affiliation(s)

Author names and affiliations are to be centered beneath the title and printed in Arial 12-point, non-boldface type. For multiple authors, affiliations are centered below each author name, italicized, not bold. Include also e-mail addresses. Follow the author information by two blank lines before main text.

Main text

Type your main text in 11-point Arial, single-spaced. Do not use double-spacing. All paragraphs should be indented 0.5 cm. Be sure your text is fully justified-that is, flush left and flush right. Please do not place any additional blank lines between paragraphs.

Figures and Tables

All figures are to be included within the text. Figure captions are to be below the figures, in 10-point Arial (or a similar sans-serif font), italic. Initially capitalize only the first word of each figure caption. Figures are to be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals throughout the paper, for example: "Figure 1. Database contexts", and are referred to in the text as Fig. 1, Fig 2, etc.
Tables are to be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals throughout the paper, for example: "Table 1. Input data". and are referred to in the text as Table 1, Table 2, etc.


List and number all bibliographical references, alphabetically sorted, in 11-point Arial, single-spaced, with a hanging indent, at the end of your paper. When referenced in the text, enclose the citation number in square brackets, for example [1]. Use the style of the references shown below for: authored book [4], edited book [1], journal article [2], paper in conference proceedings [3], web resource [5] (indicate date of access in square brackets).

[1] WOLDMAN, N. E.: Engineering aloys. 4 ed. New York. Reihold Publishing Corp. 1962, 1356 s.
[2] FILKIN, V. P. - KOLTUNOV, I. B.: Progressivnyje metody bezcentrovogo 3lifovanija, Moskva 1971, 264 s
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Camera-Ready Paper Format


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