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Conference participants are responsible for making their own hotel arrangements.

Recommended Hotels:

Hotel Slovakia

Hotel Slovakia is situated right in the historic centre of Zilina.

Hotel Grand   

The Hotel Grand is situated in a car-free zone right in the historic centre of Zilina.

We recommend you the accommodation situated in the University campus:

Accommodation facility of University of Zilina Velky diel


About the Zilina region


The region of Zilina adjoins Poland to the north and the Czech Republic to the west. The geographical diversity of this region, the beauty of its nature and the richness of its *cultural and historical monuments* make it an ideal area for top-quality tourism. The mountain ranges are perfect for year-round sports. The region is also interesting because of its *thermal baths *(e.g. Rajecke Teplice, Turcianske Teplice, Korytnica and Lubochna, etc.). The *caves *-- Demanovska ladová jaskyna,  Jaskyna Slobody, Vazecká jaskyna -- located in the Low Tatras, are famous the world over. This region also has *4 natural reserves*, the Mala Fatra National Park, 14 national cultural monuments and more than 140 cultural monuments.




Zilina is a city located in the center of Northwest Slovakia at the confluence of the Vah and the Kysuca rivers. By population, it is the third largest city of Slovakia.  The town square is surrounded by arcaded burgher houses from the 16^th and 17^th centuries. Here from spring to autumn time you can enjoy agreeable sitting with coffee-bar and restaurant services. In the historical core of this part the Saint Paul´s church dominates. The Holy Trinitie´s three- naved church above the Parish stairs is of renaissance character, its tower is 51 metres high and the near by a Renaissance belfry, the Burian Tower is 5 metres lower. The most well-known monument in the city and the surrounding areas is the *Budatin Castle, *located to the north of the town, above the two rivers.  The reference dates back to the 14th century. Formerly it used to be a water castle. Expositions of the Contemporary interior and the Sacral collections form the 18th and 19th century are presented inside the castle.

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University o Zilina


The University of Zilina is a modern university providing a full range of technological, economic, management, and a limited range of humanistic and natural science education at under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. During its existence the University has become a reputable institution within the university educational system of the Slovak Republic. At present the University of Zilina consists of seven faculties: Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, Faculty of Special Engineering, Faculty of Science and three institutes: Institute of Physical Education, Institute of Forensic Engineering of the University of Zilina and Institute of Computer Technology.

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More about the University of Zilina:


Zilina surroundings highlights



Rajecke Teplice:

Rajecke Teplice town is located in woodland valley of the fold called Rajecka kotlina . There is situated an attractive spa dated back to the 14th century, where diseases of nervous system, rheumatism, neurastenies, psychostenies and vocational diseases are treated. A healing process is accentuated by an agreeable surrounding of parks and a near by spa lake.

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Rajecka Lesna:

Rajecka Lesna village, until 1948 it has been known as Frivald, is a pilgrim place. It has a world reputation for the monumental Slovak bethlehem of the folk wood-carver called master Jozef Pekara, it is characterised by typical Slovak architecture and dozens of moving human and animal figures.

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Vratna valley:

The Vratna valley is one of the most popular centres of the summer and winter recreation in Slovakia. It stretches below the ranges of the Mala Fatra mountain, declared the National natural park, called Krivanska part. The starting point for the valley is represented by limestone Tiesnavy by the Terchova village, which was established during a typical settling process ( formerly it used to be a complex of 120 settlements) and it is a birth-place of Juraj Janosik, a folk revolt hero.

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Recreational centre Snowparadise Velka Raca:


The recreational centre Snowparadise is located in the Oscadnica village on the slopes of the highest peak of the Kysuce region, in the concrete Velka Raca (1236 metres above the sea level). It is one of the best technically well-equiped ski centres of Slovakia. In the part called Dedovka you can find six downhills, in the part called Laliky there are three ones and in the part called Marguska you can enjoy five downhills. The centre of Velka Raca is ambitious about attracting tourists during the whole year.

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