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International Workshop

"Biomedical Informatics and Biometric Technologies" (BT)

November 10-11, 2011

Žilina - Slovak Republic


Topics of the section:

You are invited to submit a paper in the area of biomedical- and  biometric-based identities, including but not limited to:

-    Biomedical engineering

-    Innovative eHealth, Applications and Products

-    Electronic Health Records and Medical Databases

-    Medical Image Analysis and Biomedical Visualization

-    Computer-Aided Diagnosis

-    Telemedicine, Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

-    Education in eHealth and Telemedicine

-    New Concepts in Biometrics

-    Behavioral biometrics

-    Training in Biometric Systems

-    Legal, Social, Ethical and Financial Aspects

-    Data mining and Knowledge discovery


Co-Chair: Ablameyko S., Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus


Co-Chair: Zaitseva E., University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia

Scientific program committee:

Decerno T.

Graschew G.


Karas S.


Levashenko V.


Nugent C.


Orel A. Slovenia
Pancerz K. Poland

Sadykhov R.


Shmerko V. Canada
Soda P. Italy
Surjan G. Hungary

Tichá D.


Tsymbal A. Germany
Uchida S. Japan
Viergever M. The Netherlands
Vonta I. Greece

Yanushkevich S.


Local Arrangements:

Rusin M.                   
Takáč Ľ. Slovakia
Toman Ľ. Slovakia

Secretariat Address for Contacts

Assoc. Prof.  Elena Zaitseva

FRI, University of Žilina,

Univerzinta 1, 01026, Zilina, Slovakia,

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus

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